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These URIs also define the file extension that indicates what content type is available at the URL.Through content negotiation, the web server will forward the user agent to the proper type, depending on the client’s capabilities, when the URI is accessed.

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This doesn't solve the original poster's problem exactly (it operates in the view, not the model), but may be helpful for people who are trying to "get absolute URL for paperclip attachment" within their view: In the same way that "The Attachment#url method is misleading since it returns a relative path (like the Routes _path methods) not a full url (like the Routes _url methods).Friday, November 23rd, 2007 Category: Articles REST groupies can talk your ear off about resources and the difference between URI and URL.Many developers still don’t really know the difference though, and Ryan Mc Donough has put up this simple summary. Citing and example of a W3C URI for their home image, they use the following URI: The URI for the w3c_home image is still universally unique, but it does not specify the specific representation of the image (either a GIF, PNG, or JPG).It is nearly 14,000 words long, Richard says it has over 100 photographs, and if I were to print it from Safari would come out at 86 pages.#34 In order for blood to clot, more than 20 complex steps need to successfully be completed.Snyder, of course, is asking a false question, one with an unstated major premise that is wrong, or at least misleading.

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