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As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist I work with couples who want to have a happy and loving relationship.

Using my tools as an Imago Therapist I help couples learn how to move from conflict & disconnection to a place of connection, love & joy.

You heal from the inside out, which is far better and more sustainable than seeking the latest band-aid to the problem. After years of working with people who want to get their mojo back, I know that low sex drive, poor energy, lousy sleep, skin problems, and bloating aren’t diseases that can be fixed fast with a pill or shot. And low libido is one sign that our body may be trying to tell us that something is wrong.

Approximately 70 percent of low sex drive is due to misfiring hormones.

Adoptions: The Call Center cannot disclose an individual's criminal history. Private employers must complete the Private Party Petition packet: Associated CJIS - CR Fees Fees are required to process each criminal background record check request.

There is a .00 fingerprint service fee per customer.

There is a maximum of five ink cards printed per customer.

If successful, the requirement of sex offender registration can be terminated. These contacts, culled over a lifetime in the law, are a major strength of our firm.

These are just some of the offenses that often require registration: When you work with Murphy & Price, you get more than respected defense attorneys J. The Federal Criminal Practice at Murphy & Price, LLP, is nationwide in scope, with particular focus on federal criminal cases in Washington, D.

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