Mandating water efficiency

We continue to offer free services, supplies and other incentives to help homes and businesses save water and money now and for the future. Yes, the following prohibitions against wasteful water use remain in effect and are permanent: 3. Whether you rent or own, pay your own water bill, or use water in a home, apartment, business, or other type of facility, there are plenty of ways to avoid waste and ensure your water use is efficient.

For more information about the SFPUC's water supply conditions, see our weekly reservoir storage and precipitation level updates. Learn how with Visit our home leaks page for tips and a guidebook on how to identify and repair common leaks including toilets, faucets, showerheads, and irrigation systems.

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Jerry Brown issued an executive order mandating new water conservation measures.

The drought that began four years ago continues to worsen, and residential use is now in the crosshairs.

As was mentioned, Long Beach and the Coachella Valley Water District say they've "zeroed out" — in effect they have identified enough water to meet anticipated demand down to the last gallon.

Many other water agencies across the state are expected to similarly zero out.

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