Php ini not updating

Here is a screenshot of the loaded config file, upload_max_filesize in the phpinfo() and the open along side it: Shp ACJHc FV6YU9XMkdy R0E/view?usp=sharing after updating the file I've tried: UPDATE!But for some reason when I make a change to the php file, the changes are not reflected even when I hard refresh in Chrome (multiple times.) Even simple changes to the HTML are not reflected.I changed the Document Root, restarted Apache and made sure PHP wasn't running any cache extensions in MAMP.

php ini not updating-16

maybe there is some user configuration which overrides your default ones from Consider using PHP 7, PHP 7 offers a significant improvement to speed and memory usage over past versions of PHP.It also comes with better error handling and many bug fixes.Before making the switch, you need to be aware of backwards compatibility issues with scripts: Older PHP coding may not be compatible with newer versions of PHP.Our System allows you to run PHP scripts a few different ways.

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