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It could have been entirely filled with episodes of The Simpsons, Homicide: Life on the Street, ER, NYPD Blue, Seinfeld, Friends, and My So-Called Life, but that’s boring.Instead, after spending about 200 hours rewatching shows on DVD, streaming video, and dodgy You Tube rips, I factored in notability and variety in addition to just straight-up quality.Vulture is revisiting the 1994–95 TV season all week long.Joe Adalian makes the case that it was “one of network TV’s last truly great seasons, which means there are a lot of good shows to choose from — but rather than rank the shows, we’re going one step beyond to round up the 100 best episodes of the year.Someone has to sing the song of Due South 20 years later, right? , “The Quest” (aired February 8, 1995) There are few things more frustrating than the finale that isn’t a finale, and since this is series star Rob Morrow’s last episode, you’d think that this would also be where the quirky drama ends, too. Luckily, “The Quest” sent him off poignantly — have fun back in New York, Joel — and the remaining eight episodes of the show are surprisingly good even in his absence. was a solid alternative in the “blue-collar woman does things her way” genre.

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On summer days the men would sit with their backs against this wall & watch "Dick", the nude swimmer entertain them. He had a whole repertoire of tricks, cartwheel, floating on his back & his "piece de resistance".... What made him mad was when he was floating somebody would shout "hey Dick! Because of this the water never circulated & there where all sorts floating.

He also sent over this exclusive photo of his morally bankrupt character.

At times, our conversation went off the record into darker territory—a la shark viscera spilling onto a pier—but much is said below about a production that aspires to be the goriest and craziest 3-D movie ever.

April 24th, 2012 by just JENN Recently Nerdmelt at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood hosted a Nerdist Writers Panel – a brilliant series featuring great LA writers in the business discussing writing and what inspires them – and this one was honoring Javier Grillo-Marxuach.

Javi is a friend of mine who has worked on a number of beloved tv shows, from Seaquest to the Middleman to Charmed and the ever popular – Lost.

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