Speed dating success stories aw dating site

I, an early 30s female in pursuit of a second career, had given online dating a shot (to no avail) and was otherwise pretty much giving up on the idea that there was a suitable man out there for me.An open mind, open heart and "why the heck not" attitude led us to the speed dating event, and ultimately to each other.As the saying goes, True love will find you when you least expect it and too right is this true!Obviously you can sit and wait for love to find you but why not get yourself out there and see what is around the corner?

Research Your Options There are many companies out there that organize speed dating events and all of them operate differently.Quite literally, the rest is history as the two love birds dated from that fateful night onwards, were engaged by 2012 and got married last autumn in a heartfelt ceremony fit for a king and queen!Katy says how she didnt just find a boyfriend, I found a friend, a confidante and a partner, Stuart is my soul mate, now and always Cute hey?because I had envisioned bad conversation with men who didn't fit the bill.After some persistent nudging on Shan's part, I decided to sign up last minute.

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