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Hi, Purchased a Tom Tom VIA 52 today from JB Hi Fi on sale (5).

This device is advertised to come with maps of Australia, NZ and SE Asia and also have lifetime map updates.

The steps necessary to perform this task vary with the equipment used.

Refer to your router manufacturer's user guide for specific instructions.

The map on your Tom Tom GPS device eventually will become outdated, sometimes within just a few months.

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When a problem prevents you from downloading and installing updated maps on your Tom Tom GPS, you must determine the cause of the problem before you can successfully update your device.

Turning your computer or GPS off during the download and installation process may often prevent the Tom Tom maps from updating properly.

I have not been able to update the Australia map that was factory installed and looking for some advice to fix that.

Got it home and first thing I did was download Tom Tom's My Drive Connect and then register the device to my Tom Tom account.

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